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1988 TOYOTA Lite Ace 4wd Van


1988 TOYOTA LITEACE FXV // 4wd // Gasoline // Manual Transmission

A cleaner example of the Toyota LiteAce FXV 4wd cannot be found. Not only that, the small lift and oversized all-terrain tires gives this LiteAce van a stance like no other. Cleanliness aside, this van has all the features any adventurer would want: high and low range 4wd, manual transmission, the indestructible 3Y gasoline engine, 75,000 original miles, and Toyota's Skylite Roof with removable shades. This 7-seater adventure mobile sports a center bench that swivel 360 degrees, and can fold down into a bed in a matter of seconds. 

The van has just received a full maintenance update: new tires, suspension lift, oil and oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, coolant flush, thermostat, fan clutch, radiator cap, PCV valve, all drive belts, transmission oil, front and rear differential oil, spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition cap and rotor, and a number of smaller minor repairs.

Finally, this van features working front and rear air conditioning... how could you ask for more?