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1992 Toyota Hiace Super Custom 4wd


1992 TOYOTA Hiace Super Custom 4wd

Stylish and capable, this Super Custom model Hiace is the go-to van for the adventurer looking to make deeper treks into the wilderness. High and low range 4wd keeps the wheels moving forward under the toughest conditions, and the extra cargo capacity of the Hiace makes for a comfortable sleeping and hang-out spot in all weather. 

The Hiace Super Custom features Toyota's 3L 2.8 liter naturally aspirated diesel engine, renown for its longevity and stability. 

Much love went into making this van 'road-trip-ready'. Consistent with all the vans we sell, she has received a full timing belt job and maintenance update: new timing belt, new idler and tensioner pulleys, new camshaft and crankshaft seal, new water pump, new thermostat, new radiator cap, coolant flush, transmission fluid, fresh motor oil and filter, all new drive belts, new fuel filter, new air filter, fresh differential oil. On top of all that, she has brand new all-terrain tires and a small suspension lift. Many other smaller repairs and upgrades were made during the inspection and testing process, including a full front brake rebuild job, and all new seals for the diesel injection pump.