Vanlife Northwest

1985 Toyota LE Van 2wd Gas Automatic



Once in a great while, a gem comes along that is truly a time-capsule. This high trim level LE domestic van shines like the day it left the factory. Its new owner has taken meticulous care to keep his adventure mobile on the road, and in the minds of gawkers as he speeds by. The 2wd automatic drivetrain is simple and effective for highway trips and the occasional fire-road campout.


Photography by Conor [ ]


words from the buyer:

"My Toyota Van was nothing short of love at first sight. I had seen Danny's van builds on instagram and was nurturing a tiny voice in my head...fantasizing from a distance about owning a van and the adventures that would follow. When I saw my golden princess appear on his feed my chest jolted, my thoughts turned from dreams to needs instantly. I contacted Danny and made the plans to purchase within a week. In no exaggeration of the words, my life has changed since then.

My life is filled with a liberty and sense of adventure that it desperately lacked before. I have the means to go wherever I want, take whatever I want, and sleep wherever I want...and all within the walls of the most beautiful car. The combination of adventure utility + retro design make me so proud to identify with my car. 

Danny has also been extremely helpful every step of the way. Before the purchase Danny was able to retro-fit the van with some amazing mods to help improve the vans security and usability. Danny has also done an amazing job at being available to hop on a phone call at any time to help talk me through any questions I have with the van. The van has been running like a dream, I often feel like new car owners should be envious."