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1994 TOYOTA Hiace Super GL 4wd Van


1994 TOYOTA HiAce Super GL 4wd Van

Nearly identical to my personal van, this HiAce Super GL is built on the LH119 chassis, providing an extended wheelbase and cargo capacity over the slightly shorter Hiace Super Custom. The rear leaf springs boost the load rating to 1000kg (2200 lbs). The van is powered by Toyota's bulletproof 3L model 2.8 liter naturally aspirated diesel, with 4-speed automatic transmission and hi/lo range 4wd. With our custom suspension lift work, full maintenance update, and new all-terrain tires, this 4wd adventure mobile is ready to tackle all manner of road ahead of it.

Much love went into making this van 'road-trip-ready'. Consistent with all the vans we sell, she has received a full timing belt job and maintenance update: new timing belt, new idler and tensioner pulleys, new camshaft and crankshaft seal, new water pump, new thermostat, new radiator cap, coolant flush, transmission fluid, fresh motor oil and filter, all new drive belts, new fuel filter, new air filter, fresh differential oil, and fresh transmission oil. On top of all that, she has brand new all-terrain tires and a modest suspension lift. We also installed a brand new battery, repacked the front wheel bearings, set the steering alignment, and had the van fully detailed inside and out. Many other smaller repairs and upgrades were made during the inspection and testing process.