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1989 Toyota Van // 2wd Automatic


1989 Toyota Van // 2wd Automatic

This is "Eleganté".

This domestic van features the rare and desirable oversized rear RV windows, and arguably the coolest decal set I've ever seen. It found its new owners in San Francisco, and has since become their home away from home. 


Words from the buyer:

"I decided to buy Eleganté after having fallen in love with my friend Matt's red van, Ruby. Danny was super helpful and the van runs great. It's a great vehicle to have in the city, really narrow and easy to park. So far, Tom and I have taken the van to Yosemite and up the California coast. The seats flip down into a bed, and I sewed up some black out curtains, so its super cozy in there. The only downside is how hot it gets sitting on top of the engine, but when its a cold and grey in Northern California, you don't even have to put on the heat to get warm! I use the van primarily as a little surf wagon, as a second home, and its pretty much perfect."


photos from the buyer:

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