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1989 TOYOTA Space Cabin 4wd Pop-Top Camper


1989 TOYOTA Space Cabin 4wd Pop-Top Camper

Built on the JDM TownAce truck cab and chassis, the Toyota Space Cabin, or European Camper, is the rockstar of JDM camper vans. Striking a perfect balance of style and function, the Space Cabin is just as comfortable off-road as it is on. 

Powered by Toyota's 2C model 2.0 liter naturally aspirated diesel engine, and 4wd high and low range, the camper is surprisingly fuel-efficient, averaging milage in the mid-20s per gallon. The 5-speed manual column-shift transmission is an interesting touch foreign to most Westerners, but is quite easy to get the hang of. 

Many hours of hard work went into making this Space Cabin livable, road worthy, and trail ready. The buyer flew up from Los Angeles, CA to pick it up, then joined us for an all-day off-roading adventure, then drove it home 1000 miles without issue. If that’s not a testament to the quality of vans we produce, I don’t know what is.

Consistent with all the vans we sell, she has received a full timing belt job and maintenance update: new timing belt, new idler and tensioner pulleys, new camshaft, crankshaft, and oil pump seal, new water pump, new thermostat, new radiator cap, coolant flush, transmission oil, transfer case oil, fresh motor oil and filter, all new drive belts, new fuel filter, new air filter, fresh differential oil. On top of all that, she has brand new all-terrain tires and a small suspension lift. Many other smaller repairs and upgrades were made during the inspection and testing process, including resealing the oil pan, steering alignment, new sink faucet, and new AGM auxiliary battery, full seat reupholstery, custom interior paint, and more.

This go-anywhere adventure mobile is road-trip-ready.